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DoorDash Mishawaka, IN
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March 24, 2023
Mishawaka, IN

Food delivery jobs in Mishawaka, IN - DoorDash. As an Part-time gig dasher, you can work more flexibly than a part time job. Pickup and deliver groceries and food in Mishawaka, IN to earn some extra cash.

About the job
As a part-time Dasher for Doordash, your main job role would be to pick up food orders from near by restaurants and deliver them to customers. It’s easy to get started, and all you need is a vehicle to get around. Receive orders on your iPhone or Android smartphone, pick up food from local restaurants, drop it off at the customer’s door and get paid.

Responsibilities of Part-time gig dasher:

  • Accepting Delivery Requests: You will receive delivery requests through the Doordash app or other gig economy platforms, and you can choose whether to accept or decline each request based on your availability.
  • Picking up Orders: You must go to the restaurant to pick up your order after accepting a delivery request. You will be responsible for ensuring that the order is correct and that all necessary items are available for delivery.
  • Delivering Orders: You will deliver the order to the customer's address after picking it up. You will need to make certain that the order is delivered on time and in good condition.
  • Communication: You will need to communicate with customers and restaurants as necessary to ensure that orders are fulfilled correctly and on time.

Working hours for Part-time gig dasher:

  • You set your own schedule and only work the times you want.
  • Choose your own hours: When and where you work is totally up to you.
  • Whether you ‘Dash Now’ or schedule when you deliver, you can forget about reporting to an office or a boss.

Qualifications of Part-time gig dasher:

  • At least 18 years old
  • Any vehicle, car, bike or bicycle
  • Driver's license
  • Social security number.
  • iPhone or Android smartphone
  • You don’t need any prior work experience
  • Signup in seconds: Get started today and we’ll provide support along the way.

DoorDash welcome gig dashers from other gig economy or commercial services such as UberEats, Postmates, Lyft, Caviar, Eat24, Google Express, GrubHub, AmazonFresh, Instacart, Amazon, Uber, Waitr, and Bite Squad. Dashers come from all backgrounds and industries and include catering drivers, truck drivers, and taxi drivers.

Easy Signup as Dasher

Just tap the 'APPLY NOW' and signing up?, and log in using the email address and phone number you used to sign up. If you're not quite finished, we'll prompt you for missing information. Otherwise you'll see the status of your signup. If you run into any issue when signing up, contact our friendly Dasher support team.

Working with DoorDash in Mishawaka, IN. DoorDash provides many opportunities for delivering food on demand all over Mishawaka, IN.

DoorDash Jobs near Mishawaka, IN.

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